Monday, December 13, 2010

Walk Which Way

I can't do this
Not anymore
I've stayed strong, I've walked on
As long as I could

But in the next 72 hours
There will be a fork in the road
And I'll have to choose the way
That I want to go

I can fly through the skies
And see the world I don't know
And learn, and wonder, and question
As I go

Or I could get out
Just relocate
Settle down in my own place
Likely I'll decorate

Or I can search high and low
And send out my name
And hope that my schooling
Is what someone will be willing to pay

Yet all of the paths point to me
by myself
No one helping, along for the ride
Just me

And That Scares Me A Little

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anger and a Bag of Chips

So, so angry.
This feeling in the pit
of my stomach eating me alive.

This was you!
How could you make me feel this way
How... How?
Pitiful me.

The cards were always in your hands
And the dice were heavy on that side
You played it so well
I never heard them say 'check'

It's plastered all over the world
What we are not
And you are now
Without me and with her

Don't think I don't know
Because it's reflected in your eyes
And that, my dear,
was your one mistake.

This anger will be gone before long
As will this pitiful trace
I don't need cards to tell me that
and you're nothing to me.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cutting Rope

I said I'd never let you go, and I never did.

There were so many times
When I wanted to.
When I could have.
Maybe I should have.

So many people telling me it was okay,
It is part of life,
You have to do it to move on,
You only are hurting yourself

It hurt so bad to keep holding
On to something I couldn't see to the bottom of.
But it would have hurt worse
If I let go.

I don't regret my choice
I don't think it was wrong
In the long run of things
I'm finally content.

cutting your rope would have meant cutting mine too

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh No. I Taste the Hate.

is a universal language
Shared by you and me 
and everyone

We hear it in our minds
We feel it in our bones
We say it with our lips
We understand it with our hearts

So why is there so much hate
When it moves everyone differently?
When it brings you to tears
And I am left unimpressed

But hear: 

Do not bash the rap because they say whats on their minds
Do not diss the hip-hop soul; they feel it in their bones
Do not hate the rock and roll for playing loud and proud and unashamed
Do not shun the metal gods for being extremely brave
Do not dislike the classical for keeping with the laws
Do not scorn the electronic and the synth for doing something different
Do not despise the country for staying loyal to their roots
Do not trash the pop contemporary for singing what we all know and are
Do not mock the indie or the alternative or the punk or the gothic
Because they all give us something different.

Instead quiet those who
Will rudely and silently jeer at those who actually have talent
And ask them why they are not
on the stage performing.

It's all right not to like certain things but don't force the hate on others

Friday, September 24, 2010

They Break, They Make, They Hold

I will be okay
I hope my voice does not tell you otherwise
These shaking hands of mine
will stay by my side.

I will not force
anything upon you, it's not me
These shaking hands of mine
will not drag you away.

I want to tell you
that those three words are all for you
These shaking hands of mine
will do near anything for you.

Will you take my hand?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey! I'm with the band.

Here i am
Stepping out of this fear
Out of this darkness
Into the pounding sway of something...

A song.
I move along
My hands keeping the melody
Across the plain

The beat moves my feet in time
The bass keeps me swaying
I want to act crazy
I want to have fun

The snare like lightning
Cuts into the consistent pounding
The crashing
Making me keep time

Oh! Melodious words
Translate into the hearts of the people
This is why I'm here
I'll help you along.

A final show of what we can do
This is the final note
Gone after this
But forever a song

We are all different. We all contribute something. We are one in this song.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Life, Heart, Soul


I don't want to hide in the closet
Away from the sun
I don't want to feel cold to the touch
And never be able to brush the warmth of your skin

I don't want to cower in fear
And look hungry for life
My own life
To begin

My lungs are breathing
I can't get enough air
My heart is beating
I can't get enough flow

Where are the people that I need?
Where are the ways that I can escape?
Where is up? Where is down?
I need a hand to reach me, pull me out

Broken I'll stand
Completed I'll fall
Put the wind in these collapsed lungs
And life in this empty heart

i stand before you giving you my soul, my all

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fate Understood


'Do you believe in fate?'
She asked
He sat there
Not understanding her words

2 months later
They were so in love
A boy and a girl
Taking on the world

'Will you be mine?'
He asked
She cried there
Joy running down her face

1 year later
They were just married
A man and a woman
Taking on the world

'Will you be there?'
She asked
He nodded
Never wanting to leave his bride

5 years later
They had three kids
The man and woman
Taking on the world

'Do you believe in fate?'
He asked
She understood
When the doctors told them the diagnosis

65 years later
They were in love
They were married
They had a loving family

He understood those words from years ago
Now that he lived them.
She cried and smiled and nodded
As they talked about life together.

4 weeks later
They were together again
A silent promise
Never to leave each other's side.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sea Song


There was a day
I was washed out to sea
And with the waves hitting my back
I heard the most beautiful melody

And with water in my ears
And a song in my soul
I sang the song back to the wind
So you could find out where I am

And the waves crashed over my song
And the the wind carried it away wrong
And the sand buried it in castles
Away from my reach
Yet you still heard me
And floated out to meet me
And we embraced on the bottom of the sea
With the fish as our witnesses

the sun still smiles on you and me and our song

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Run, Drive, Shout


Here I am
What more do you want?
I don't expect that you know
I am not enjoying this


I watch another wedding
Of one of my friends
And I never have felt so lonely
And like I don't exist


The traffic rolls on by
As I sit on the curbside
And wonder how many people are stuck in routine
Just like me


I talk about my day
And you mutter back "Pardon?"
And I wonder how hard it is
To concentrate on a living breathing human and not a machine


Hey, I'm tired of being forgotten
And I'm tired of being alone
Can't you see I don't want to ignored
And stuck, forever, in this way?

I'm doing my best to free myself
And I'm getting better at making myself known
But I'm getting tired of living
Where things are staying the same

So I'm grabbing my keys and driving
And tying my laces up to run
I'm going to by a megaphone
So the world can hear me, son

Are you willing to come with me?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(nothing you do can) Stop Me From Loving You


Don't you know that it's
impossible for me
to stop loving you?

Nothing that you do,
intentionally or not,
can ever stop me
from loving you.

I don't care who you dated
So don't bring them up
Be in the moment now with me
Not in the past with your ex

I don't care who your family is
But I don't want drama
Sort it out so it doesn't spill
Over into our life

I don't care what you look like
But please take care of yourself
So you don't smell dead
Or look like you jumped into a dumpster

I don't care what your interests are
Music, photography, reading, math.
I will love whatever you do
Because it defines you

Be yourself with me
Because that is what I love most
I want to share that with you
About myself too

I don't care; I'll love you because I do

Friday, May 28, 2010

coffee stains and tide-to-go


Friendships fall apart
So others can be made
Relationships break up
So better ones can be made in place

But as much as I believe
that this is true
I'm so glad
that I held onto you

Maybe I had to prove something
To myself this whole time
Or maybe I was trying
to show you something

like how we are meant to stick together

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh! Summer

We could get away from here
We can run away
We can run far away from here
You and me and all our dreams

We can go to the mountains
We can go to the ocean
We can go to the prairies
We can go to the furthest corners of our minds

Driving along, singing at the top of our lungs
Pictures, laughs, so much joy
Late night talks, a bond
strengthened for life

Road Trips

This summer is looking to be the best in years

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Other Side of a Cannot


i've proved them wrong before
i've shown that i'm not just
a number or a colour or
a face

i've gotten what was impossible
i've gotten what was was coming
i've caught that wave that looked so small
but was the center of the world

it hasn't been easy
it hasn't been all nice
it hasn't been friendly
- rough, mean, and lonely -

but in the end its worth everything
but in the end i know it was worth doing
when i get to see that smile on your face
and feel accomplished inside

this has been a great pleasure doing business

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knick Knacks

The best things
Are those little things
You know the ones
The ones that make you smile

And that fill your stomach with
butterflies of a million colours
And its just that little thing
that just happens to exist

A hot guy tells a plain girl
You are Beautiful
A tiny baby squeezes your fingers
And you know you're needed

The music and words just flow together
As you try something new
Just seeing the face of that special someone
Gives you a high all day

Hearing that one song that defines you
In every way
That one song that you can sing
Perfectly; word for word on key

Hearing from that old friend
That made a huge impact
An never thought you'd see again
And there they are

It's just those little things that mean so much to me

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come Along Together


i've held onto this
far too long
and i've been blaming myself
and taking it out on you

i'm sorry for anything that is untrue
but know not everything here is about you
it may seem like it is
but there's more that happened in my life

than just one misfortune
and one love
one boy and a girl
and the sky above our heads

i'll point to the evening star
when its dark and we meet again
there's too much life
in just one finger

sometimes words just aren't enough to say what needs to be said

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spread Love Like Violence, Yes


What is life
Without love?
What is love
Without life?

There is no point to live
If there isn't love
Because everything
Would be gloomy and black

What is the point of friends
If there is no love?
That person who will comfort you
Who will help you make it through

What is the point of music?
Of stories? Of art? Of pretty dresses?
What's the point of birds singing?
If there is no point of love why are we here?

You put the life into love
You make it so possible
You are the reason I will keep loving
You are love.

I will keep singing though my heart may get broken
I will keep loving though no one likes me
Because I can see love.

Love paints the world in color

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time After Time After Sign


In the end
It all comes down
to one thing:

Because no one should give more
than they are able
No one should give anything
If they don't want to

And I've been putting in 110
And just when I'm ready to give up
You decide to send me a cute text
That makes me decide that there's some hope

I don't want signs anymore
I just want this in words
Are you in the business of using me like everyone else thinks
Or are we friends like I know we are?

TĂș eras mi mejor amigo. ¿Lo que estamos ahora?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life In Things


So many things I don't know
Some things I don't like
Some call me a picky person
I'd say that's pretty much right

Some would say I've got my life in order
Others would say I've got my head on straight
I just look at them and smile
And think they have a lot to learn

I know what I like
And I know where I stand
But as to who I am
It takes a lifetime to learn

Either way on this stretch of road
I'm facing the sun
Letting it take me where it goes
And shape me from what I am

Just a few of my favourite things...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

As You Like It


What's it gonna take
For you to notice me?
What's it gonna take
For me to make you mine?

If I turn away
it's never going to happen
If I look at you straight
Will you look at me and say something?

Lights Lights Lights
Going off in my mind
The explosions
Set my heart on fire

I hate this feeling
I need a break
I don't want to be blinded when
I need to see clearest

You leave me vulnerable and breathless at once

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sing It Out

She said
Don't let me stop you
from doing what you wanna do
And that's what I think too.

Who's gonna stop me
If this is really what I'm suppose to do?
It's time to get over myself
To get over you

And start making sense
Of what needs to be done
And what needs to be aimed at
To hit it in the middle of the eye

La Do Da

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I, Hurt


It really hurts
When someone does something to a loved one
Because they don't know the whole reason
Why it was happening in the first place

And maybe they were both slightly wrong in the first place
But still who is that one person to say
Maybe they should get the whole darn thing
in order before hurting people with blunt knives

And maybe I was also in the wrong
because I felt I could help
But said the wrong things
Because it was the wrong time, I was upset.

It blurred my judgment
But I know I wasn't totally wrong
And that explanation doesn't suffice for me
Not a lot of it does.

And now I'm weeping bitter tears
Of sadness and of rage and hurt
Because I know things won't be the same
Between any of us.

It's not just me who thinks
That this is a bad quality
It's more than 5.
Above 5 freaking people.

I'm not coming back
Not because of a bruised ego.
But because you refuse to see the whole story
And treat my loved ones like crap.

...and I feel like I have no where to turn to comfort my mind

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock Fist Rhapsody

Why do we feel
that those that can open our hearts
are gods among men
when really they are so human?

Why do we scream their names
Until our lungs hurt
Is it so someone knows
in this moment we are not alone?

You never wanted to be raised above
Yet there you are like a myth
But even those that look like gods
are human even more than you and i at times

You are just a man
And I am human
And we are the same
In our suits of skin and blood and bones

touching you won't make me immortal