Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time After Time After Sign


In the end
It all comes down
to one thing:

Because no one should give more
than they are able
No one should give anything
If they don't want to

And I've been putting in 110
And just when I'm ready to give up
You decide to send me a cute text
That makes me decide that there's some hope

I don't want signs anymore
I just want this in words
Are you in the business of using me like everyone else thinks
Or are we friends like I know we are?

TĂș eras mi mejor amigo. ¿Lo que estamos ahora?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life In Things


So many things I don't know
Some things I don't like
Some call me a picky person
I'd say that's pretty much right

Some would say I've got my life in order
Others would say I've got my head on straight
I just look at them and smile
And think they have a lot to learn

I know what I like
And I know where I stand
But as to who I am
It takes a lifetime to learn

Either way on this stretch of road
I'm facing the sun
Letting it take me where it goes
And shape me from what I am

Just a few of my favourite things...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

As You Like It


What's it gonna take
For you to notice me?
What's it gonna take
For me to make you mine?

If I turn away
it's never going to happen
If I look at you straight
Will you look at me and say something?

Lights Lights Lights
Going off in my mind
The explosions
Set my heart on fire

I hate this feeling
I need a break
I don't want to be blinded when
I need to see clearest

You leave me vulnerable and breathless at once