Friday, August 13, 2010

Life, Heart, Soul


I don't want to hide in the closet
Away from the sun
I don't want to feel cold to the touch
And never be able to brush the warmth of your skin

I don't want to cower in fear
And look hungry for life
My own life
To begin

My lungs are breathing
I can't get enough air
My heart is beating
I can't get enough flow

Where are the people that I need?
Where are the ways that I can escape?
Where is up? Where is down?
I need a hand to reach me, pull me out

Broken I'll stand
Completed I'll fall
Put the wind in these collapsed lungs
And life in this empty heart

i stand before you giving you my soul, my all


P said...

Peter likes this.

Phantom Sounds said...

Thanks Peter =)

hettie said...

i like this! <3

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