Friday, August 13, 2010

Life, Heart, Soul


I don't want to hide in the closet
Away from the sun
I don't want to feel cold to the touch
And never be able to brush the warmth of your skin

I don't want to cower in fear
And look hungry for life
My own life
To begin

My lungs are breathing
I can't get enough air
My heart is beating
I can't get enough flow

Where are the people that I need?
Where are the ways that I can escape?
Where is up? Where is down?
I need a hand to reach me, pull me out

Broken I'll stand
Completed I'll fall
Put the wind in these collapsed lungs
And life in this empty heart

i stand before you giving you my soul, my all

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fate Understood


'Do you believe in fate?'
She asked
He sat there
Not understanding her words

2 months later
They were so in love
A boy and a girl
Taking on the world

'Will you be mine?'
He asked
She cried there
Joy running down her face

1 year later
They were just married
A man and a woman
Taking on the world

'Will you be there?'
She asked
He nodded
Never wanting to leave his bride

5 years later
They had three kids
The man and woman
Taking on the world

'Do you believe in fate?'
He asked
She understood
When the doctors told them the diagnosis

65 years later
They were in love
They were married
They had a loving family

He understood those words from years ago
Now that he lived them.
She cried and smiled and nodded
As they talked about life together.

4 weeks later
They were together again
A silent promise
Never to leave each other's side.