Saturday, May 19, 2007

Throw Away Your Sick Ideas

retro Teen by junest

It's not like I can let this go
It's only what I've known in my entirety
So if you want to strip that away
Just try

I won't stop you
Because there's so much about you
That I want to know
And I have to bury this armor

So I can finally allow that to happen
Otherwise I'd be running in circles
Running in Circles
Running in Circles

That wouldn't be fun
But don't throw the blame on me
I'm just another piece in this game
And are you a rook? Or the enemy knight?

Your move first, then mine

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rescue Me from this Road

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I'm sorry you had to hurt me so bad
That I can no longer trust you
Because it hurts me that I can't
And that what might be taken as truth

Is actually a lie
What were you hoping to achieve?
If you told me the truth from the start
I wouldn't be in this situation

Of confusion and hurt and distrust
Like broken headlights
And needing them at midnight
On the darkest night in the world

That's how I feel
And I need to gain this back
Because I don't like how things are going
Between you and them

Maybe you understand what I'm saying
And maybe you don't
But I just want you to tell me you understand
and what you're going to do about it

Because this is breaking me in two
Just standing here watching you
And it makes me sick inside
Like no one could ever believe

And if you understand this talk to me; don't post a comment unless you never see me

Monday, May 7, 2007

Empty Voids Fill Empty Space

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I'm looking down at the world

At first I thought I was flying
But I realized that something was missing
I knew what it was but I couldn't place it
Oh, my body is gone.

Looking down at this world
I was so free from all the troubles and sorrow of below
Then I came back down
And you walked right through me

No! I cried out to you to notice me
I asked everyone around me
Turning in circles
But they all failed to notice the person who flew

I went up and looked back down at the world
And knew there was nothing that could be done
But while I was there I could have done something
To be something to anyone

So for the second time I came back down
And I kissed your cheek
Remember me, please?

Then I woke from the dream