Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flat on the Back


Are you willing to cry?
Are you willing to die?
Do you truly believe
that it will make this right?

If you don't believe
Why are you still standing here
By my side telling me
I'm doing right?

Because I don't need that.
I don't need you
telling me something you don't believe.
Yet, I can see it clearly for myself

Maybe I'll fall flat on my back
And wonder why no one was there
To catch me
When I thought someone would be

But at least it will make me strong
I'll stand and walk
Knowing I'm talking my walk
Unlike you.

Because hypocrisy leads you no where

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love (The Lost Language) ♥


{A song I wrote for my friend
Who is getting married
September 13 ♥}

I've been caught off guard
Something about your eyes keeps me here
My heart feels a little strange
Could this be love,
Making me feel this way?
You're asking me for the first dance tonight

Stuck in this moment with you;
(Where) time doesn't exist

Love like the song that can't be written
The song that can't be sung
It echoes a lost language
Aching just beneath the skin

Always thought I knew
What love was until we dance that night
Here we are a few months later
Stronger then ever
Holding on together
You're asking me to be yours forever

Broke the wall around your heart
Here we go on this merry-go-round


This ends the height of fear
The final test
Running circles
Running circles
Running circles in my head
Today we become one


© Me // October 6/08