Monday, August 31, 2009

The Question


Static, static
Stay as you are
Don't make a move
Because you are static

Don't bring me change
Don't bring about a chase
I'm sitting here
For I am static

The dynamics are not dynamic
Not until I say
And why not sit here a little longer
And drink some more tea?

For I am J. Alfred Prufrock
And this is my love song
As I stay here
And escape the haunting question

But may I turn
twist, tumble, g l i d e
Away to the castle turrets
And I'll watch as life shoots arrows of fire

And then I must make a choice:
Change your course of action
Or stay the same and suffer
Missing out on everything

The dynamics are spinning dynamically
But it's taken a lot to set outside my door
And prove that I don't have to live boringly
So here I go

Will you answer your life question now?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Want to Know?


See, the thing is,
That you can take me out
From my comfort zone
But I'll still be me

Oh no, I won't argue
Against the fact that I'll change
I know I'll change
But I'll still be me

I won't conform to your ways
Or your ideas
On the way life should be
Or anything like the kind

So put me in a fairy tale story
Put me in a historic book
Put me in a graphic novel
Put me in your memoir

I won't conform to your feelings when I'm just me