Saturday, February 6, 2010

I, Hurt


It really hurts
When someone does something to a loved one
Because they don't know the whole reason
Why it was happening in the first place

And maybe they were both slightly wrong in the first place
But still who is that one person to say
Maybe they should get the whole darn thing
in order before hurting people with blunt knives

And maybe I was also in the wrong
because I felt I could help
But said the wrong things
Because it was the wrong time, I was upset.

It blurred my judgment
But I know I wasn't totally wrong
And that explanation doesn't suffice for me
Not a lot of it does.

And now I'm weeping bitter tears
Of sadness and of rage and hurt
Because I know things won't be the same
Between any of us.

It's not just me who thinks
That this is a bad quality
It's more than 5.
Above 5 freaking people.

I'm not coming back
Not because of a bruised ego.
But because you refuse to see the whole story
And treat my loved ones like crap.

...and I feel like I have no where to turn to comfort my mind


Annie Blogfish said...

it will always go away- i like your blog

Phantom Sounds said...

Thanks :)