Friday, July 31, 2009

Natural Contrast

And Sometimes I Wish I Could Have Been Her

There you see me
But really you don't
Because it's me living within my own lines:

You can't judge me on
Exterior appearance or
Interior motives:

Can I keep my anonymity?
When I'm interviewed by you?
Because it protects my insides:

When I'm shooting the bullet
When I'm flying against the moon
When I'm dancing to my music:

When I'm famous
When I'm gone
Will the sun still shine behind me:

Backlit, Silhouette, Beautiful, Silhouette

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where is your heart now?


Where is your soul?
When did you stop believing?
Did you see your grace and style
Fly out from beneath your feet?

Have you trapped yourself?
Have you caged everything
- good and bad -
To stop yourself from feeling?

I recall this is the feeling
of being an animal encased
and entrapped and snared
Am I that pitiful that you look away?

So when will your luck change?
When will you figure it out?
That I'm not the enemy -
That I'm only trying to figure you out?

¿Dónde está corazón ahora?