Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flying in Jar

Look-Alike Jade & butterfly bulb

I never wanted to trap you
To make you feel that way
When the only thing I wanted for you to do
Was spread your wings as wide as you could

I never wanted you to fall
But I'd catch you any way.
That's all I ever did
I always tried to be there

But now your wings don't seem so golden,
they seem to shrivel against the sun
And I don't understand how this could happen
When you were made to resist them.

I thought we'd fly together
But your golden wings are made of wax
I want to save you
But you won't let me catch you

How am I suppose to help you
When you slap my hand away
You said forever, until we were grey
But that must have been a thought from yesterday

I'm still grieving
Not for those beautiful golden wings
But for the person who had them
This chapter never was finished

Can you close it or try to write some more?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lo Que SerĂ¡


Che sera, sera
Whatever will be, shall be
But only if I can have you
And you can have me

I can't understand why
people think that they are fine with this
Is it when living is fine
All high and mighty?

But then out of nowhere...
Someone close to your heart dies
Well che sera, sera to you

Wait, what? Did I hurt your feelings?
Or do you get what I'm saying?
It's either all the time or never
that yo live with this notion

No regrets, che sera, sera
That's how I live
I don't question what happens, or why,
Or what will happen

Still, it's good to be alive