Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come Along Together


i've held onto this
far too long
and i've been blaming myself
and taking it out on you

i'm sorry for anything that is untrue
but know not everything here is about you
it may seem like it is
but there's more that happened in my life

than just one misfortune
and one love
one boy and a girl
and the sky above our heads

i'll point to the evening star
when its dark and we meet again
there's too much life
in just one finger

sometimes words just aren't enough to say what needs to be said


Marty said...

I like this one. It's really pretty.

Phantom Sounds said...

<3 Thanks

Jia said...

its beautiful. It feels like I have been there too :) nice.

Phantom Sounds said...

Thanks Jia! <3