Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh No. I Taste the Hate.

is a universal language
Shared by you and me 
and everyone

We hear it in our minds
We feel it in our bones
We say it with our lips
We understand it with our hearts

So why is there so much hate
When it moves everyone differently?
When it brings you to tears
And I am left unimpressed

But hear: 

Do not bash the rap because they say whats on their minds
Do not diss the hip-hop soul; they feel it in their bones
Do not hate the rock and roll for playing loud and proud and unashamed
Do not shun the metal gods for being extremely brave
Do not dislike the classical for keeping with the laws
Do not scorn the electronic and the synth for doing something different
Do not despise the country for staying loyal to their roots
Do not trash the pop contemporary for singing what we all know and are
Do not mock the indie or the alternative or the punk or the gothic
Because they all give us something different.

Instead quiet those who
Will rudely and silently jeer at those who actually have talent
And ask them why they are not
on the stage performing.

It's all right not to like certain things but don't force the hate on others

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