Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Leave Me In My Castle

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I'm going to run away from here
It wasn't meant to be
I'm not suppose to be your Cinderella or Snow White
Dancing away the night waiting
Especially for "true love's first kiss"
But at least I know I have a beautiful dress

With that dress I'm going to be who I want
I'm going to wear my hair down
And my smash awesome Converse
To you it will look odd
But to me, I'm me

I'm everything I could ever dream of
Everything that I could change
But change kills the strong soul inside
When it's not ready for it
When its stabbed in the back with a double blade

So I think I'm fine now
And you should be too
Lets take this roller coaster slow the first time
Back on
Because we'll be safer

Can I have my skate shoe back please?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Words Dancing on My Tongue, Heart, Soul

So look at me strange
I'll just laugh as I walk away
I don't care what you think
Of my hair, my style, my faith
I'll always be this way

Yeah, my clothes and style may change
They always do at a point
But inside, what counts, remains unchanged
And thats all that matters now

It should really be me laughing at you
For having nothing better to do then laugh
Because you must have more faith then me
For believing in nothing

I believe in something so awesome, so great
That words can hardly start to explain
And I can show you by how I am and how I try to act
Just watch and start to see

Can you try to understand to see and believe?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Make Sure You Wear Your Smile Tonight

Why don't you smile more?
It's the part of you I love most
It's why I wanted to know you, see you, love you
Why I wanted to be your friend

But now it's gone and so are you
Did I push you away somehow?
But everything is starting to fade
Leaving me to fall into shades
of white then complete black

But somehow I know this isn't over
Though I know time doesn't heal
all or even most wounds
But it does heal a few

And that's a start

So I can see you smile again
For me, and those you love,
and most important, yourself
and the One who made you

And I'll take a picture
because it will last longer
with a happy smile

Only the smile

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Polka Dots Don't Polka, They Waltz

Stand there like you're
So Cool
In your stripped socks
Wearing your scene shirts

Put on your top hat before you step out
You don't want your awesome image
To catch a cold
To look like everyone expects

Sorry that I caught a cold
And that I'm not like you
But I don't care
Why should you so much?

Why can't we be friends?