Saturday, December 30, 2006

Try to Stop Me, Try to Move Me

I'll just sit here
Worn Out
Breath deep in and out
My hands and face are dark with dirt
Hope you like a girl with strong hands

Everyone thinks I'm too hard
Too tough to cry
To show any form of soft emotion
But does that mean I can't smile, or laugh?
That I can't cry tears of joy or even love?

Well I'll show you
I'm the follower who is a leader
Don't say there's no such thing
because there is. I am one.
I will love, I will smile, I'll fight to win
I'll cry
And do it has I need, when I want

I'll show you a strong girl
With dirt on her face and hands
Who shows emotion as she pleases.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Hey, Do We Know Each Other?

We are so different
Yet so alike in many ways
No blood relatives
Yet sisters

We leave no secrets about anything
Friends, School, Boys, Life
My soul would be crushed in two
We leave no secrets about anything
If we did

I'm so grateful for you
I thank God for putting you in my life
He heard your prayers
And mine
And brought us together at the perfect time

I just hope you're okay now
Wherever you are
And that God gives you strength and wings
To fly

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Save Yourself, I'm Too Busy

Do we too often forget where we're from?
Running, running in circles around my head
Maybe if we could all just slow down
for a second
Everything might be okay

Take a second to think
About anything except for yourself
Where are you from?
Self-centered much?

I love the rain and snow
Because it reminds me there's someone
so much bigger then me
Watching over me, protecting me, hugging me,
Loving me