Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(nothing you do can) Stop Me From Loving You


Don't you know that it's
impossible for me
to stop loving you?

Nothing that you do,
intentionally or not,
can ever stop me
from loving you.

I don't care who you dated
So don't bring them up
Be in the moment now with me
Not in the past with your ex

I don't care who your family is
But I don't want drama
Sort it out so it doesn't spill
Over into our life

I don't care what you look like
But please take care of yourself
So you don't smell dead
Or look like you jumped into a dumpster

I don't care what your interests are
Music, photography, reading, math.
I will love whatever you do
Because it defines you

Be yourself with me
Because that is what I love most
I want to share that with you
About myself too

I don't care; I'll love you because I do


Anonymous said...

I love this, it made me cry. Thank you.

Phantom Sounds said...

:) Your welcome. I'm glad that it touched you in some way. That means a lot to me.

And thank you for reading it! <3

Marty said...

<3 you McFly.
You always write sooo well!

guitargirl said...

Hey there! I just found your blog. Very nice place you got here. :)