Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Notes and Candy Roses

Remember last year
When were having so much fun
I always go back to that night
Because I think I ruined it all

We had something good going
And I think if I waited another year
It would have been amazing
And it would have worked

Because those words from
Friday were stuck in my head
Sunday they were going to be replaced
By words that I would come to respect you with

And if nothing else
I respect you so much more
But my heart still aches
Because I don't think it understands

I pray every night that I did the right thing
Opened your eyes
To see more then what you thought
Because maybe what you thought was the truth

Maybe it was suppose to work out that it starts this way.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Love Lights Up the World

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Check out the lights
How they sway side by side
In tune with each other
To light up the night

Check out the moon
How it glows through this space
Shining upon the faces of you and me
As we will get to our homes soon

And as you say goodnight
I wonder how night
Can even want to become
Sunny and warm

And maybe the best things
Are actually seen in the dark
Not the light
Because you need your heart

So I'll continue to travel
Down this tunnel
Covered with lights
Dancing in time with the moon

I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stuck Together like Bricks and Glue

lonely beautiful day by niyebe

They are strong bricks
Holding each other together
Though one may break in places

But then there's me
I feel as if I'm the one stopping them
Sitting on top of the brick wall
Leaving only my presence there as I leave

Does the wall crumble as if from age
After I leave?
Does my absence somehow leave
Them actually needing me?

All in all
Not just another brick in the wall
All in all
Not just another brick in the wall

Not I, for I was always just a brick
Though sometimes I seemed alone
Sitting there, amoungst others
Though we all thought we were alone

But there was one other
Who's absence would leave
Me needing, falling, breaking apart
Nothing the other bricks do would hold me in place

My Cornerstone, My All in All