Monday, June 29, 2009

Sip That Soup

Found Love in a bowl of Soup

I feel as though my heart should burst
Any second now
Any second now
I swear it will

Something everyone wants
Everyone craves
Everyone needs
No exceptions

But what are you willing to give
to take, to do
In order to get it, to have it,
to keep it

Sit on the sidelines waiting for her to ask you?
Run up to him and tell him your feelings?
Hope that you won't mess up and in time
Everything will come naturally?

Yeah, me too.
My heart could burst
The next time I see you
Despite what I tell it not to do

Love is such as alphabet soup
What letter will you get
What can you see
Will you find those letters

'M-E' ?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wash Away the Dreams

The Rain is the rhythm by fermented
The Rain is the Rhythm by Fermented

I've been left here
Stuck in mud
dirty, unwanted, cold,

Is this how I'm suppose
to decide what to do?
With this rain in my eyes
and my dreams poring down on me?

Will someone grab my hand
Because I don't want to do this
alone anymore.
Like I've done my whole life

Pull me up
Pick me up
I don't want to be stuck
I don't want to be stuck

Alone anymore
Can you make it stop raining
Can you pull my heart from the mud
Can you try to do it for us both?

Help me out from this muddy bottom-less puddle.