Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can you only See My Shoes?

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Look at me when I'm standing
Don't kick me when I'm down
If you want to help just listen
Even if I only can cry

Because everyone ends up being so down
At least once in their live
That they need to know someone
Even one person is there for them

I wouldn't be able to survive on my own
Without one other person
And that's what keeps me going
Knowing that I'd let at least one person down if I stop

So Don't Stop Breathing In
When everything is being thrown against you
And you're running the other way
Getting knocked down

Because I'm There Running Beside You

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Listen Up; Don't Shout

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Maybe we've all been talking too much
Too long
And we haven't been listening
To one another

Because Miscommunication is a deadly disease
That even the best of us catch
Politicians and Actors; Models and Musicians
Just look at the paper today to understand what I'm saying

Just Listen Once in a While
And You'll Understand things in a Clearer Light
And it Will Make Sense When it didn't before
Because you stopped talking long enough to hear what was suppose to happen

And Now I'll Listen to You

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dance Under the Ocean Sky

treaz dintr un vis de imprumut by B

The clouds will move like Ocean Waves
On that day, on that day
As I run to the top of my hill
Nothing holding me back

And I'll look up at that ocean of sky
On that day, on that day
Wondering about so many things
And how they all make me stronger; new

And maybe you'll be with me
On that day, on that day
Holding my hand or laughing with me
Or just giving me some tacky gift

But I would still love it if you were there
On that day, on that day
Because I wouldn't have to do it alone
Lose everything I've reached

Because though I've told them parts of my life
Before that day, before that day
They never really know me the whole me
The alone, worthless, scared, dead me

But I'd be willing to give everything up
On this day, on this day
For you if it made you happier
Because that's who I've figured out that I've become

Especially on a day with such life as today

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Conscience of the Unconscious Mind

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This is but a thought left in my past
Just as you are
And maybe if the times permitted
It would be different

But here I go to tell you what I think
Once again:
Everything is pushed into the back of our minds
Lying dormant until something arouses the thought

The memories becomes real again
The things or words that person said
When you see them again for the first time
In three, five, twenty years stepping out of that car

So what are you thinking then?
'I should say something
Because we were such good friends
And those terms are certainly not void now'

But you only smile when they look at you
And they do like wise with a thrown in 'hey'
But you are too excited that they remember you
And are still alive

Because they didn't die
From suicide, murder, disease
Or move away
Even if they have a shift in personality

Just get to know them again
It will all be fine
Maybe. Hopefully.
It's like learning all over

Shake my hand, I'll shake yours

Thursday, March 1, 2007