Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yellow Sea by SleepySh


Such an empty void
Crash over my head
Its getting to me, its getting to me
You twitch, flinch back
Take it in, take it in
No sense in wasting time on words
That are too good for your itching ears
Fall Back! Fall back.
Step back into your ranks
The war is starting and you've already lost
Keep yourself to yourself
I want none of you
So get lost.
I'll leave too.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visual Impressions

Sorry, but I just fell in love
With your eyes again
Because they make me feel

And could you maybe shut them
For just a moment
While I find my thoughts
And my words

Why must they stare
And make contact with mine
And imply things
That should be spoken

They search
I am being examined
My hair, my clothes, how I carry myself, my brand of shoe
Until my eyes make you turn

But I don't think
I can make eye contact much longer
Without a word uttered
To give me any idea

Could you use your mouth and not your eyes for once?

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Beat of a Wing


Everyone has those thoughts
Those ugly thoughts
That, when they transform into something more
They take wing and fly away bumping into everything like a moth

And everyone has those moments
Those moments where you can't control the situation
And when you think its okay to fly away
You fall like a baby bird out of the nest

Some have those times
Those times you can't make it by yourself
Because it's so painful
And feel like a water drenched bug who can't fly

But somehow what if we made something of it
What if we spoke, and meant, nice things when we didn't want to
Or be a comfort to someone who is going through a hard time
Or give up complete control

Maybe we could finally be graceful butterflies