Friday, April 30, 2010

The Other Side of a Cannot


i've proved them wrong before
i've shown that i'm not just
a number or a colour or
a face

i've gotten what was impossible
i've gotten what was was coming
i've caught that wave that looked so small
but was the center of the world

it hasn't been easy
it hasn't been all nice
it hasn't been friendly
- rough, mean, and lonely -

but in the end its worth everything
but in the end i know it was worth doing
when i get to see that smile on your face
and feel accomplished inside

this has been a great pleasure doing business

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knick Knacks

The best things
Are those little things
You know the ones
The ones that make you smile

And that fill your stomach with
butterflies of a million colours
And its just that little thing
that just happens to exist

A hot guy tells a plain girl
You are Beautiful
A tiny baby squeezes your fingers
And you know you're needed

The music and words just flow together
As you try something new
Just seeing the face of that special someone
Gives you a high all day

Hearing that one song that defines you
In every way
That one song that you can sing
Perfectly; word for word on key

Hearing from that old friend
That made a huge impact
An never thought you'd see again
And there they are

It's just those little things that mean so much to me

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come Along Together


i've held onto this
far too long
and i've been blaming myself
and taking it out on you

i'm sorry for anything that is untrue
but know not everything here is about you
it may seem like it is
but there's more that happened in my life

than just one misfortune
and one love
one boy and a girl
and the sky above our heads

i'll point to the evening star
when its dark and we meet again
there's too much life
in just one finger

sometimes words just aren't enough to say what needs to be said

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spread Love Like Violence, Yes


What is life
Without love?
What is love
Without life?

There is no point to live
If there isn't love
Because everything
Would be gloomy and black

What is the point of friends
If there is no love?
That person who will comfort you
Who will help you make it through

What is the point of music?
Of stories? Of art? Of pretty dresses?
What's the point of birds singing?
If there is no point of love why are we here?

You put the life into love
You make it so possible
You are the reason I will keep loving
You are love.

I will keep singing though my heart may get broken
I will keep loving though no one likes me
Because I can see love.

Love paints the world in color