Saturday, October 13, 2012

Here, There, Anywhere

high by ` ppimm `

Where am I going?
Where am I going?
Show yourself to me
Show yourself to me again

Do I stay
Do I go
Do I dare leave
What will change me the best?

I need to hear but I'll cover my ears
I need to feel but it's more than that
I need to
I'm fighting this

But I'm getting beaten so so bad
It's getting to me
But the feelings are getting to me
But the deafness is getting to me

Let me step out of this into something else
Even if I end up beaten and bloody
It's better, better, better
Then standing here digging my own boring grave

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phoenix Made of Ash

So many things were meant to be
And weren't
Like you
and me

Why are we so afraid of taking chances?
Why does it matter if we end up 
on the cutting room

The situations and circumstances
The people and places
They define us
They make us exactly who we are

And I don't like it
But no I don't hate it
Sometimes I like it
But who ever said I love it?

I'll take it as it comes
Hit me fast
Throw me low
One day, one day

I will rise
Time is not the enemy
The enemy here 
is me

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Head Out of the Clouds

So when do I become 
When do I change someone's

And it occurs to me.
I already have
Because none of these people would stick around
if I didn't mean something to them

Thursday, May 31, 2012

As Clear as the First Day I Met You

The way your fingers
brush against mine;
the way your hand
wrapped around mine

The small talk
The gentle laughs
The fun teasing
The whole camp

If I could do it again
I would
If I could make time stop
I would

If it was a test
I think I failed
If you come back one last time
I'll give in

Because I've never meet anyone
quite like you
And I don't want anyone to take you
away from me

Let's catch up over coffee?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Stop. Listen. Look. Stare.


It's been almost a month
And I need you here.
I found a great diner 
open 24 hours not far from here

Stop. Listen. Look. Stare.

I've taken a path
You're taking yours
I don't know if I know,
you know, we we both are any more

Stop. Listen. Look. Stare.

Let's take a trip down to that sunset beach
We can catch up, yell, be who we wanna be.
I know the secrets, in the sand we can find the key
Sing to the stars, we could both be free.

Stop. Listen. Look. Stare.

 Open up your heart, 
I'll open mine
And if we do
I'm sure we'll be fine.

Hearts Like a Song Burning Up the Night Sky

Friday, March 30, 2012

Strengthen Me to the End

So close
So close
I can taste the end
on the tip of my tongue

It hasn't come easy
It's been a rough few months
And babe
It ain't over yet

It doesn't get really hard until the end has come

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waves, Wind, Fire

With such force
against the rocky crags of my heart

With a coldness
my lungs revive and begin to breathe

With a vehemence
that i can begin to feel again