Monday, February 26, 2007

I Failed to See the Point...

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Sometimes I get caught in the Moment
Of here and now, then and there
Dancing with Funny Colored Balloons
And Singing and Laughing and Not Caring

But sometimes its good
To remember the times we had
With friends
Before they go to waste

And then when we get frustrated with them
We can look back
And see all the good things and times
We had with that person

Cause I don't want to slow down
or go another way
And I'll stay in the Moment as long as I can
Before they come after me

Let's play tag and hide-and-go-seek

...That we All Tried to Make

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No one every knows
What's on the other side of the door
How could they?
They've never been there before

Some have caught a glimpse
Of the other room
But they had to decide
What most more important

To stay or to go
My loved ones would cry
If I chose the other room
Or would they wonder why I wanted to be with them

Some say there are golden butterflies
And other see darkness
Worse then anything they see at night
But I don't know

I've never seen the other room
Or experienced the effect of the swing
The door has on other people around me
Though I'm sure there were times so close but I was unaware

Heaven and Hell are so close but sometimes I don't even know

Monday, February 19, 2007

Love Makes Me Blind

As I look into your eyes
I realize that the sun beams are too bright
They sting my eyes
And they begin to water for more then one reason

So much more happens then you think
When you walked back into my life
I didn't see this happening
Not in a million years

The emotions can not handle...
I'm tripping over...
How can we...
Can I just blow my brains out now?

Cuz the scissors are always sharpest
When you least expect it
The emotions can not handle this overflow
When we trip over words
How can we survive through this?

Cuz the scissors are always sharpest when you cut your tongue

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Clean Up the Sidewalk

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My life has been splattered against the sidewalk
A multitude of a million colors
Showing my emotions
My thoughts
Everything I've felt and said

The persona I made was not something
I could easily escape from
Because everyone hides behind a mask
For the comfort of saying and doing
Acceptable things

If I already did those things
I wouldn't need a mask to hide behind
If I meant it from the bottom
of my frail, bloody, coldest heart

Maybe others would catch on too
So we could see in colors
Not just black and white
Because as beautiful as those tones are
They get so plain

Give me a crayon so I can color the world