Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'll Love You for All Time

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How could anyone possibly love someone so much?
It's a new feeling to me
And to think if my heart is breaking when I'm not seeing you
What will happen when we are apart for good?

But though I love you so right now
I need to know you better
Or this love is worthless like faith without deeds
Don't break my heart this way

So how will this relationship come to be?
Should I ask you? Though I wish you'd ask me
Or maybe if we talk it will happen
And it won't seem as awkward

But know this: Even if it cuts my heart and soul in two
I can't afford to give myself to you
Because that's not what I want to sell
I want you to love me for who and what I am

I want to save myself for the right man
And will not give myself away and throw it in the trash
Because the guy I want is more important to me then that
And I want him to know that

Most of all I want God to strengthen me
And you to push my faith to limits so it grows
And if we love each other through good and bad
We'll grow so much together hand in hand

And if we break apart before bells are heard
Don't be upset; Instead rejoice
Because I wasn't the right one and you weren't the right guy
But we grew and we did nothing wrong

I hope that never happens all the same
But if it does take this poem anyways
And when you find another love, give it to her
Because she's special and waiting for you

I really don't know why I wrote you this poem
I could have said it so much shorter or cooler in a song
Even if you don't like poem's this is dedicated to you, my future
So don't be mad my love, for I love you, I do

I love you
No more secrecy, messages, or poems
Just I love you and I'd do
Almost anything for you

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Please Wait For Me


Marty said...

Thats so pretty Bethany.

All I can say is, "Wow"
That is one of many thoughts through my mind right now.

Much love to you Batman, for I am your Robin.

Michigan said...

yes Bethany. that was lovely. i felt like it was coming from my own mouth. I could have written it. :) and thats a compliment.