Friday, April 27, 2007

Dance in Front of the Jukebox Baby

Old Fashinoned Charm by kenanicole

Records spinning, spinning,spinning
Records spinning, skipping, spinning
Records skipping, spinning, skipping
Records skipping, skipping, skipping

Records spin in their old fashioned way
Like they did years ago
Let's dance like they did years ago
Let's go Back to the Past like Michael Fox

'Cause you know I only want to dance with you
In front of the record player
Let's swing, swing, swing
And turn the clock back tonight

So Why Don't We?
Tell me baby
I got lost when I couldn't catch your stare
And my heart feels shattered like a broken record

Maybe I'll just scratch the record
For a new vibe
And grab a new partner In this song called Life
After I couldn't find your stare

Because Maybe we'll Dance Better with someone New

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