Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leave My Mind For Just One Moment

The spotted memories
Dance gracefully, frantically, in my mind

The one were our eyes met,
The one were you held my fingers
with your own

That time we talked about past days
And sad moments
I told someone, you, for the first time
 I heard the pain of regret in your soft voice

The words I wanted to say
As I watched you everyday that week
Filled by mind, body, mouth
In silence

But it was your words that made me
Look again for something
The missing part of me
That fills all of me to the last atom.

I am so curious
I want to know how your faith is so strong
And makes me want to heal, grow, get stronger

I still want to know you better
I still want to know you
I still want to know
I still want...

Can't you leave my mind for just one minute?
I need to think things through
Like how my shyness became me
And that's the end of me and...

Why Can't I Just Forget About You?

1 comment:

yeti said...

You write well as always. I hope you are doing fine.