Saturday, October 22, 2011

Me and You, Me and Me

what will it take
to make you see me?
what will it take
to make you notice me?

is it my curly hair,
my lack of make-up,
my chosen clothes,
that make you look past me?

don't you understand?
don't you realize?
do you just not care
when i hold my breathe when i pass by

but i'm no here to change for anybody
i'm not here to please myself
i'm not waiting for you to catch me
five years too late

one word
one look
one time
one once

this is what i want, just once


yeti said...

Yeah, don't change for no one, not worth it.

Ronak Baldha said...

Hmm. Interesting!

LauraFBC said...

Wow, you're very good at this, loved the poem.I wish I could write like you do *O*