Friday, August 3, 2007

Going Through the Subway of Life

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My oh my
Why would you want to say goodbye?
The old school song is blowing my mind
I swear this isn't a lie

Is the song holding me
Or is it only a part of something bigger?
Am I trapped inside more than just a catchy beat
And lame lyrics?

Trapped inside this world today
I know what it is and what it serves
The false knowledge, the hurt
The lies

Sex, drugs, the needs to fit in
Be Cool. Everyone needs to have someone to love
To touch and hold
And most of all call there own

I have something better
I have a brain that's on a straight path
I'm no longer a wayward son

I believe that sex is God's gift in marriage
I believe I will always be an outcast in the world
I believe that God has the perfect man picked for me
And I should not rush love before it's time

So what do you know?
Are you really free
Or is it another lie that you've been feed
I know I'm free in the richest blood and grace

So Answer It: Are You Really Free?


Marty said...

I like it.

I glad you decided to speak out against it all.

Keep doing what you do, and living like you are, you make waves.

The good kind.

yeti said...

yeah in realizing how separate from the world i am, i am seeing how i must embrace that, not hate it. "Different is beautiful"