Thursday, July 5, 2007

Drop the Act; Not the Passion

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Where did the passion go?
So maybe after a while the jokes aren't funny
There's nothing to smile about
Everyone begins to appear the same

Lovers lost their passion
Friends? Now enemies
That life we once knew?

I admit I thought it had died
It hasn't been there for a while
Nothing entered into me
Giving me a will to do more

But maybe something had
It was stirring deep inside
And the passion was too strong
To allow nothing to stay in power

So now here I come
Burning my flame
I want everything I do to be filled
With a passion

I want to love a man with a passion that will never die
I want to play my guitar like I'll lose my arm tomorrow
I want to earn after Him with a passion like no other
Something that will no die, burn out, or fade

Don't Drop the Passion; It needs to be in Everything I Do

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