Monday, August 27, 2007

The Naked Trees Show Beauty

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Oh lonely one!
Look at where you are
Your loveliness covered by their fake beauty
Something others care not to see

It breaks my heart
That you do not even know what you are
Something that means so much to someone else
Or maybe even to me

My hearts longs to be one with you
Though we may not have ever met
But I have committed to keep myself
Until we become that one

I await for the day that I will be covered in white
And that we are actually one
But until that perfect moment
I will strive with my everything to keep it pure

Because I wish to be only yours forever


Lizzy said...

did you take that photo??????

Phantom Sounds said...

I wish I did but no. I generally don't use my own photos on this blog and these are all random ones I find. I wish they had watermarks or something though so I could credit those people.