Saturday, May 19, 2007

Throw Away Your Sick Ideas

retro Teen by junest

It's not like I can let this go
It's only what I've known in my entirety
So if you want to strip that away
Just try

I won't stop you
Because there's so much about you
That I want to know
And I have to bury this armor

So I can finally allow that to happen
Otherwise I'd be running in circles
Running in Circles
Running in Circles

That wouldn't be fun
But don't throw the blame on me
I'm just another piece in this game
And are you a rook? Or the enemy knight?

Your move first, then mine

1 comment:

Marty said...

Never let go
Because it's in your hands
I could never leave you
here alone intentionaly

But take my heart
And see it for what it is.
Open it, you have one of the keys
Maybe then we could see eye to eye
And maybe understand eachother once more

The blame is mine,
That is for sure,
Maybe we'll run together,
Both of us lost in a typhoon

This is a game I hate to play
Maybe I'm not the ring master,
Nor the king or queen,
I'm just a pawn

Your game, Your rules
You make the plays, Playmaster