Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rescue Me from this Road

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I'm sorry you had to hurt me so bad
That I can no longer trust you
Because it hurts me that I can't
And that what might be taken as truth

Is actually a lie
What were you hoping to achieve?
If you told me the truth from the start
I wouldn't be in this situation

Of confusion and hurt and distrust
Like broken headlights
And needing them at midnight
On the darkest night in the world

That's how I feel
And I need to gain this back
Because I don't like how things are going
Between you and them

Maybe you understand what I'm saying
And maybe you don't
But I just want you to tell me you understand
and what you're going to do about it

Because this is breaking me in two
Just standing here watching you
And it makes me sick inside
Like no one could ever believe

And if you understand this talk to me; don't post a comment unless you never see me

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