Monday, May 7, 2007

Empty Voids Fill Empty Space

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I'm looking down at the world

At first I thought I was flying
But I realized that something was missing
I knew what it was but I couldn't place it
Oh, my body is gone.

Looking down at this world
I was so free from all the troubles and sorrow of below
Then I came back down
And you walked right through me

No! I cried out to you to notice me
I asked everyone around me
Turning in circles
But they all failed to notice the person who flew

I went up and looked back down at the world
And knew there was nothing that could be done
But while I was there I could have done something
To be something to anyone

So for the second time I came back down
And I kissed your cheek
Remember me, please?

Then I woke from the dream

1 comment:

Michigan said...

oh. that's lovely. and sad, but beautiful