Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dance Under the Ocean Sky

treaz dintr un vis de imprumut by B

The clouds will move like Ocean Waves
On that day, on that day
As I run to the top of my hill
Nothing holding me back

And I'll look up at that ocean of sky
On that day, on that day
Wondering about so many things
And how they all make me stronger; new

And maybe you'll be with me
On that day, on that day
Holding my hand or laughing with me
Or just giving me some tacky gift

But I would still love it if you were there
On that day, on that day
Because I wouldn't have to do it alone
Lose everything I've reached

Because though I've told them parts of my life
Before that day, before that day
They never really know me the whole me
The alone, worthless, scared, dead me

But I'd be willing to give everything up
On this day, on this day
For you if it made you happier
Because that's who I've figured out that I've become

Especially on a day with such life as today

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