Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drop Like Wallflowers to the Ground

I keep myself busy
So I forget who I am
Because I don't need to be reminded
That I'm alone

Being by myself
Is less tiresome
Then being with the crowd
And standing there


And wanting to cry
Because you can't
To any of them no matter what you think

Even at home you are the same
Because no one 
watches, talks, waits, looks
At you

Are we just more independent?
Or we just good at faking
The loneliness we feel
Onto fake smiles and well wishes?

But know what?
It only matters when it gets to you
And you, out of everyone,
Believe it to be true.

Can I  listen to you?


C said...

I like yr writing, I can feel lots of things from yr writing..

ندى المعيبد said...

am Really Really love your writing and I feel it :* thxx ♥♥