Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love (The Lost Language) ♥


{A song I wrote for my friend
Who is getting married
September 13 ♥}

I've been caught off guard
Something about your eyes keeps me here
My heart feels a little strange
Could this be love,
Making me feel this way?
You're asking me for the first dance tonight

Stuck in this moment with you;
(Where) time doesn't exist

Love like the song that can't be written
The song that can't be sung
It echoes a lost language
Aching just beneath the skin

Always thought I knew
What love was until we dance that night
Here we are a few months later
Stronger then ever
Holding on together
You're asking me to be yours forever

Broke the wall around your heart
Here we go on this merry-go-round


This ends the height of fear
The final test
Running circles
Running circles
Running circles in my head
Today we become one


© Me // October 6/08

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