Monday, August 31, 2009

The Question


Static, static
Stay as you are
Don't make a move
Because you are static

Don't bring me change
Don't bring about a chase
I'm sitting here
For I am static

The dynamics are not dynamic
Not until I say
And why not sit here a little longer
And drink some more tea?

For I am J. Alfred Prufrock
And this is my love song
As I stay here
And escape the haunting question

But may I turn
twist, tumble, g l i d e
Away to the castle turrets
And I'll watch as life shoots arrows of fire

And then I must make a choice:
Change your course of action
Or stay the same and suffer
Missing out on everything

The dynamics are spinning dynamically
But it's taken a lot to set outside my door
And prove that I don't have to live boringly
So here I go

Will you answer your life question now?

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