Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures on the Whitewashed Walls

Wall doodles by Zebragum

As a child I wished to draw on walls
Even if it came out in scribbles
To me it would appear to be a whole other world
An escape

As a young teen I read a book
That a girl had painted her room
And stretched across the wall and ceiling
Was a magnificent tree

It was not that it would be nice to look at
Because it would
But even more then that
If I painted one, it would show that I was more than that

Because while I might be cute
I want to show I can accomplish something
And show others that beauty
Is something more then from the outside

Because while I imagined that tree
Or even nightfall on a cityscape
I want to fall back into the beauty that it brings
While it lets my soul sing

When I Settle Down I'm Painting on my Walls


yeti said...


CCCMMMM said...

this is cool,
did you write it?
the other posts too?

Phantom Sounds said...

Glad you guys like it

I love to write so everything written in this blog comes straight from my soul. Every last word though I may be inspired from different sources. I wish I took the pictures, but unfortunately have not taken any of these.

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.