Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Para su Amor

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I don't even know what it is anymore
Is it an obsession
A lust, a want,
True Love?

I don't even know anymore
I know there are people in the world I love
My family
My friends

There are different types of love
Family love
True Blue Friendship
Love for a man that you never knew you could

I know I love all my family
I love Sarah and Kristina and Emma
I love people who are closer to me then my own family
In times of darkness

But I don't know if I've ever loved a man
So much as I loved that boy
But was it all fake
A desire that was crushed so easily?

Am I in love?
Or am I in love with the wrong man?
I hope I'm not so desperate to go with another
When I've waited so long

Just to hear you say those eight letters in my ear

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