Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where We're Suppose to Go

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I'm sorry
I guess I just didn't think
That in my anger it would be put
Entirely on you

Who am I to judge and be judged?
To be falsely angered against
To put truth on a stick
Waving it around as a two faced banner

But as the song goes
Right now I'm so
Frustrated, Irritated, Disconnected
From it all

I guess that someone just pushed me
Off the fringe of the deep end
And I looked at the world
Through red tinted glasses

But I always knew that I was wrong
And there was no reason to be angry at you
Except that you rarely seem to say
Anything to me

But its not your fault
I understand
But it seems that you only give me half truths
Or don't tell me the whole thing

And I tried to write this in a letter
But the words didn't come
So this is the next best thing I suppose
Since I almost broke down

My minds running this way and that to get you back

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