Thursday, November 1, 2007

Save Yourself From Weakness

i m  n o t  s u p e r m a n by kahw

If I was a superhero
I think I'd be fueled my hate, or at least anger
Running through my blood
Because that's when I can't stop to think what I'm doing wrong

But I'd be a villain
And every villain wanted to be a superhero
But their strongest asset was their strongest weakness
But thats not true for me

Who are you to tell me what I should do?
You're only human
I'm not invincible
And you're not unbreakable

I'm tired
Eating noodles
Drinking a juice box
Don't you think superheroes feel and hunger and thirst the same?

But this anger is getting out of control
My blood begins to boil
The one who caused it doesn't even know
That they're the start stop of it

I hope you know this is about you and true for most all

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