Monday, January 15, 2007

Make Sure You Wear Your Smile Tonight

Why don't you smile more?
It's the part of you I love most
It's why I wanted to know you, see you, love you
Why I wanted to be your friend

But now it's gone and so are you
Did I push you away somehow?
But everything is starting to fade
Leaving me to fall into shades
of white then complete black

But somehow I know this isn't over
Though I know time doesn't heal
all or even most wounds
But it does heal a few

And that's a start

So I can see you smile again
For me, and those you love,
and most important, yourself
and the One who made you

And I'll take a picture
because it will last longer
with a happy smile

Only the smile


Michigan said...

Bethany! :) It's me Michelle :) From Meadowlodge. I'm excited to have found you here. (I stalked you through Bryce's blog. he's my cousin) party! I like this poem. IT's very nice Just like you

CCCMMMM said...

I also liked it quite a bit.
It brought me back,
back to a life worth living.
I felt like life didn't need to be full of perfectness, but just those moments that make us joyful.
I guess in a way, thats all life is. Those brief moments of joy, the rest a faded picture of memories that never seem to pop up very often.