Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Leave Me In My Castle

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I'm going to run away from here
It wasn't meant to be
I'm not suppose to be your Cinderella or Snow White
Dancing away the night waiting
Especially for "true love's first kiss"
But at least I know I have a beautiful dress

With that dress I'm going to be who I want
I'm going to wear my hair down
And my smash awesome Converse
To you it will look odd
But to me, I'm me

I'm everything I could ever dream of
Everything that I could change
But change kills the strong soul inside
When it's not ready for it
When its stabbed in the back with a double blade

So I think I'm fine now
And you should be too
Lets take this roller coaster slow the first time
Back on
Because we'll be safer

Can I have my skate shoe back please?

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