Saturday, December 31, 2011

Details of the Past

Another year

Are you going to hold onto it?
Are you going to remember
Every Little Detail
That made it your best

Or worst.
It broke you
You are covered in bruises.
The black and blue pressed into your skin

"This was the year"
But it wasn't.
The promotion never came.
And you never reached your dream

So what will next year be?
Will you focus on the past
Hinder your next chance
To even breath.

Ah, me too.
I've been there.
I still may be
right. there. too.

But. I've been blessed.
I look to my friends.
I look to my family.
All around me so, so happy.

(And I may grumble
And may act spoiled.
But I know that I have something good.
In this moment .)

So I'll drink to their health
And remember them all.
And hope that this next year 
I remain so lucky.

Auld Lang Syne


yeti said...

interesting thoughts. normally I take some time for reflection on new years. I haven't done that yet. But This make me wonder that as I reflect back on last year if I will feel like I accomplished anything.

LauraFBC said...

"covered in bruises", and "with broken dreams", the important thing is your familly, and friends, because they will be there, when you most need (; if you have that you can do all.

LauraFBC said...

oh, and nice poem by the way (;

McFly said...

Thanks for reading, and supporting, my blog both of you :)

_RMC_11_ said...

Amazing Words