Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hey World; It's Time to Take Me On

I always hate driving you home
Because I never know
How it's going to be later
Between you and me

We could spend weeks not talking
Or texting 
Or emailing
And I hate that part the most

I like it when we're closest
Like we use to be
And I think finally
I've got it in my mind

It's okay to talk about the past
And what happened
And maybe open that up
Because it's a part of you and me and us

But more than that...

I think I've learned that I need
To let it go
And talk about it casually
once in a while

Whenever you're ready we will
I won't make it into a big deal
Because it's not
And I love you, my friend.

Who you were: I loved
Who you are: I love
Who you will be: I will love
That is what He's taught me lately

Wherever we go from here
Just know that's how it will forever be
No matter how much seems to come between us
In the good and bad and parted ways

this is what i've learned