Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hands Holding Hearts

The hand I once held
Belonged to someone I knew
I knew better
Than I knew everyone else

It was the hand we dropped
When things got rough
The only one
That would always have picked me up

It was that hand I reached for
Wanting to know its touch again
Wanting to remember
Every line, every pulse in that hand

The hand I got was not the one I wanted
So cold, dead, undeserving
Of a fate 
I do not understand

A hand held mine
Squeezing and assuring everything was fine
I need time
To find who I should have been all along

But where was the life in that hand?

I will grasp the fingers between my own
And wait for the warmth 
and the pulse 
and the colour
To return to every cell.

It will be your hand I hold
When we dance again
Under the stars
Like those nights long and far ago

Our hands raised above our heads


Anonymous said...

so beautiful...

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