Monday, May 25, 2009

Joy & Sorrow


how can i tell you
just how much you really
actually truly do
mean to me?

my frustration is apparent
and lack of showing emotion
really sets things off
wouldn't you agree?

but all that aside
i will tell you
right here and now
how i really feel about you

being with you makes me:
feel whole, smile, cry with joy,
realize that i have a purpose
far greater then i can understand

so why do we have to make this so hard
to get through when it should be
you and me
me and you

i wonder if i disillusioned myself
right from the beginning
thinking that it was really going to be
simple, easy

maybe i don't understand everything
and maybe you want to keep it that way
but i'm fine with that
if it makes you happy

because that's what i want for you
above everything else
even if, its hard to say,
that doesn't include me

i just want to see you and see you happy

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