Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indulge in Thanks


This will not mean much to anyone
but myself
but more importantly self
don't let yourself not do what you need to

i am looking forward to next year
Which will start this April for me
When i'm nineteen years young
And for the first time free

i'm going to do those things i've been dreaming of
get my hair cut so it gives me a little something new
go on a road trip, see my best friend
and enjoy my life

next year more of my evenings will be free
i'm going to start working out
jogging and maybe eating more
but i still will be picky

i'm excited for this new lease
truly i am
really i have so much already
and i can thank God for all this and more

This is the first year i've been this happy since i was a little kid

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