Friday, December 12, 2008

Carpe Diem


Three and a half months left
And I'm still too freaked out.
But my stubbornness might come in handy
Because it's starting to push the scared part aside

Three Years and a half left
And I'm still too scared to know what to do
I want to go out there and live my life so strong
And maybe when it all clicks I'll climb out that window to find the open door

The rest of my life left
And I know I want to make a difference
I never want to have any regrets and I can't help but wonder
If these two things could possibly be the biggest one's if I don't seize them

Because I want to know you and myself better

1 comment:

yeti said...

oh man, we may never know what to do with our lives.
though i talked to my teacher yesterday, and to pass on some advice
find out who you are, and what is a part of you. do that, don't kill it, don't kill a part of you. What it is deep down inside, let it come out, let it grow, hold to it and let it blossom. do what you wont be happy if you don't do. Dream big, pray big and then Go big. step out all the way, and have faith. God knows the way for you, he has it planned out, and if you seek him he will be making sure you are on it, but make sure you do everything to stay on it.
so like i said, that is what my teacher told me, it is what i needed to hear, it is what i am challenged with, and what i need to do. That is scary, that is hard, and i'd rather it not be. BUt i got to do what i got to do. If my longings are from God then i better not surpress them.
sometimes i'd like a step by step manual from God, but mostly i pray that he will show me which way i better be going just enough to make sure i go that way.