Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miss Think and Mr. Know

The other day
I let go of all the thoughts
Of seeing him ever again
Because seeing you again would be too soon

And I let go
Of the truth
And the lies that she feed me
These last four years

But then I saw him this weekend
And I wondered as he looked over at me
If he ever did have such emotions
And if I still did for him

And maybe letting go
Was good enough for a while
But now I need to clean up the rest
Of the mess that surrounds it

And then maybe what I let go of
Those thoughts
Will come back just to prove me wrong
And I will be overjoyed and filled with love

And then it could prove me wrong about her too
Because I haven't completely let go
Of her at all
I never will be able too

Prove me Wrong; Comeback

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