Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slow Dance in the Moonlight

A Dream.

Two families. Two People. Two Meets One.
The fear. The rejection? The fear.
Try to sing to make it better.
You can't. I laugh.
Hold your face with my hands.
Start to slow dance.
Music comes from our soul.
Your eyes are the ocean; your hair is so soft.
Close my eyes and rest my head against your shoulder.
Taller than me. It works.
I wish to dance the night away.
Slow dancing under the golden moonlight.
I lift my head. You haven't taken your eyes off me.
How did I become so brave to be here.
We break apart. We must leave.

I meet you again.
Shorter hair. I say I like it. Makes you look more like you.
You smile. Were unsure how I would take it.
Both so unsure but willing to make this work.
The snow is warm.
Try to kiss me. I turn away.
I look at my house and feel judging eyes.
My eyes.
My promise. I cannot break it for myself.
I want to cry; I want to take it back.
You try again and I tell you no and why.
Sigh. Then I do from sadness and relief mingled.
And you pull out a box. A ring.

And I woke up.

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